藤 俊満
Toshimitsu Toh
Consulting Fellow
専門分野 ・リスクマネジメント
・Risk Management
・Information Security
・IT Cost Optimization
・Outsoursing, Datacenter Services, Cloud Service
・The Financial Industry Systems (Securities, Bank, Insurance, Credit Card, Consumer Finance)
・The Manufacturing Systems (SCM, Production Control, Cost Management)
・The Wholesale & Retail Distribution Systems (Trading, Wholesale, CVS, GSM, Department Store)

外資系ITリサーチファーム において、 ITコストベンチマーキング手法を用いたITコスト最適化、ITリスクマネジメント、ベンダー評価などのITマネジメントコンサルティング業務に従事。また、国内大手証券系シンクタンクでは、金融業界向けシステムコンサルティング、大手商社系システムインテグレーターのクラウド事業部門ではアウトソーシング、クラウド移行、システム事業継続計画(IT-BCP)策定などのコンサルティング責任者を務める。
Mr. Toshimitsu Toh conducted IT management consulting such as IT cost optimization using IT cost benchmarking method, IT risk management, vendor evaluation, etc. at a world’s major consulting company. He was also responsible for system consulting for the financial industry at a large domestic consulting firm and for outsourcing, transition to the cloud, formulation of system business continuity plan (IT-BCP) at the cloud business division of a major system integrator.
He has experience not only in IT consulting but also in business consulting for financial institutions, distribution industry, manufacturing industry, and ESG (environmental, social, governance) investment evaluation consulting.
Mr. Toh has served as Associate Research Fellow of the ITR Corporation since 2016.