中村 孝
Takashi Nakamura
Senior Analyst

Coverage Areas
・System Planning
・Mid-and-long Term Strategy Plan
・Project Planning and Implementing
・Build Organization to Implement Projects
・Project Management

Mr. Takashi Nakamura has extensive experience in the financial market and in strategic planning. He joined in ITR in January, 2015.
Most recently, Mr. Nakamura worked in a life insurance company, where he experienced drawing up and executing the mid-and-long term strategy plan. He was also responsible for formulation of the life and non-life insurance industry standard specification. He also led the development and launch of the online service company. Prior to it, he worked at the project planning and implementing division of a Bank as one of the financial expert members controlled by the board of directors, serving new business development, and conducted the major new projects. Before joining the bank, he was at a Securities firm, where he had worked as a manager of the system development and operation division, closely cooperating with the planning division.
Performing numerous projects on system planning, development and operation, he regularly managed relationship with stakeholders based on the mid-and-long term strategic plan.