河村 昌司
Atsushi Kawamura
Senior Analyst

専門分野 ・ソフトウェアおよびITサービスなどのベンダー調査および市場調査 など
・Software Market Research, IT Service Market Research
・Competing Vendors Research, Competing Products Research

Mr. Atsushi Kawamura is Research Analyst of ITR specialized in software market research, competing vendors and products research. He is one of the leading analyst to publish the “ITR Market View” reports.
He joined ITR in January, 2017.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining ITR, Mr. Kawamura worked as an IT analyst at an IT market research company, where he directed surveys of printers, packaged software and information security mainly.
He previously worked in one of the major market research company, where he was in charge of surveys on consumer products and inductrial prodocuts.