Japan IT Budget and Spending Trends 2016

ITR Corporation’s newest report titled “Japan IT Budget & Spending Trends 2016”.
ITR began surveying the Japanese market in 2001. This year marks the 15th year of this survey, which is fixed-point observation of Japanese corporation’s IT budget and spending in FY2015, as well as what directions they will move in FY2016. New analysis was added to this survey—for which valid responses from 2,443 companies—including spending trends of 100 items on application and product/services.
This report will give detailed trends of Japanese companies for each of the various segments.


  • In terms of the Japanese companies’ IT budget ratio over sales volume by industry in FY2015, Finance / insurance industry had the highest figure of 8.6%, followed by 5.9% of Information & communications as usual.

    IT budget ratio by industry (FY2015) IT budget ratio by industry (FY2015)
  • Regarding the regional IT budget allocation of the companies with overseas sites, over 70% was allocated in Japan. For overseas allocation, North America was the highest followed by China. More than half of foreign IT budget was allocated in Asia.

    Figure 2. IT budget allocation by region (FY2015) Figure 2. IT budget allocation by region (FY2015)
  • One of the most prominent results of this survey was the expansion of risk management costs. In FY2015, the ratios of three risk management costs (Information security, disaster control, IT internal control) over IT budget surpassed those of the previous year, and the overall average was the highest in the last five years.Information security cost especially had 15.3% of IT budget, reflecting the high awareness toward security due to a series of information leakage and cyber attacks targeting public offices, large companies, and educational institutions.

    Figure 3. Security cost ratios over IT budget Figure 3. Security cost ratios over IT budget
  • This survey asked respondents’ introduction status and willingness to spend on 100 product and service items. “Tablet” and “Smartphone” had the highest investment abundance indexes in “Infrastructure / device” segment, showing the companies’ high willingness to spend on smart devices. Also, cloud services such as “PaaS” “IaaS” and “SaaS” had high figures; we expect cloud-shift will further accelerate.

    Figure 4. Willingness to spend on products / services (Infrastructure / device) Figure 4. Willingness to spend on products / services (Infrastructure / device)


Chapter 1 Survey Outline

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

  • 2.1 Steady growth of IT spending
  • 2.2 Important IT trends in FY2016
  • 2.3 Willingness to spend on technologies
  • 2.4 General comment

Chapter 3 IT Budget Trend

  • 3.1 IT budget abundance trend
  • 3.2 IT budget ratio of companies
  • 3.3 Overseas expansion situation and IT budget trend
  • 3.4 Global IT budget

Chapter 4 IT Budget and Spending Strategy

  • 4.1 New IT spending
  • 4.2 New investment ratio by purpose

Chapter 5 Risk Management Cost Trend

  • 5.1 IT spending for risk management
  • 5.2 Information security management cost trend
  • 5.3 Disaster control cost trend
  • 5.4 IT internal control cost trend

Chapter 6 IT Strategy and Notable Trends

  • 6.1 Important issues for IT strategy in FY2016
  • 6.2 Priority of major IT trend items and execution status

Chapter 7 Product/Service Spending Trends

  • 7.1 Willingness to spend on products / services(total)
  • 7.2 Willingness to spend on Infrastructure / device
  • 7.3 Willingness to spend on OS / middleware
  • 7.4 Willingness to spend on Application
  • 7.5 Willingness to spend on Security / service

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