山口 隆
Yutaka Yamaguchi
Associate Research Fellow
Coverage Areas
・PDCA管理と人材育成 など
・IT Strategies, IT Investment Management
・IT Organizational Restructuring
・Designing Project for Standardization
・PDCA Management
・Human Resource Development

Mr. Yutaka Yamaguchi worked at the consumer goods manufacturer and engaged in marketing, long-term planning, IT strategy planning. Other projects he worked on include IT investment, cost management, and information systems subsidiary management.
Meanwhile, he developed the standardization system of domestic and international business process data, and promoted to construct the mechanism of internal project system and consensus-building between the IT department and the business sector.
Mr. Yamaguchi became a senior consultant for the IT vendors in 2014, and begun engaged in management support in the IT department for the customers. He serves as the ITR Associate Research Fellow since 2015.