大杉 豊
Yutaka Osugi
Senior Analyst

Coverage Areas
・技術経営(MOT:Management of Technology)
・医療業界、PHR(Personal Health Records)、人間情報、環境分野、軍事領域の技術予測など
・MOT(Management of Technology)
・Healthcare Industry
・PHR (Personal Health Records)
・Human Information processing system, Environments, Military technology

大手医療機器R&Dセンターにて研究職、外資系大手企業にてIT部門でセキュリティ・ポリシー策定、グローバル標準化、ファシリティ・セキュリティ/PKI/暗号化技術などの構築に従事。その後、官庁省や各種業界・業種の企業に対し、システム監査、ISMS (ISO27001)、内部統制、業務改善、リスク分析、環境分野(CO2削減)、特許戦略、CSR、軍事領域の技術予測などのコンサルティングを実施し、ベンチャー企業の立ち上げ、大学病院で医療情報分野のコンサルティング、人事部門のBPOコンサルティングなどにも携わる。技術経営学修士。2012年1月より現職。
Mr. Yutaka Ohsugi is responsible for ITR’s research on security, MOT, and Healthcare Industry such as PHR, Human Information processing system.
He joined ITR Corporation in January, 2012.
Previous Experience
Prior to joining ITR, Mr. Ohsugi provides consulting services to System audits, ISMS(ISO27001), Internal controls, Risk analysis, Patent strategy, Military technology and CSR for government offices and some firms in various industries. He also engaged in consulting to Medical information services in a university hospital and the establishment of a venture company.
Previously, he was a researcher of the R&D center in a major medical equipment firm and engaged in construction of security policy, global standardization, PKI, cryptographic technology.
He has a master’s degree in business and technology.